Credit / Debit Card

Credit Card

The most commonly used funding method for binary options accounts is the Credit or Debit card. These cards are nowadays used all over the world to make financial transactions. They provide a near universally accepted method for funding and payment.

A range of different card types and payment processors exist.Some of the most popular include Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, Diner’s Cards and American Express to name a few. They are issued either by banks or dedicated credit companies and allow fast transactions to be made on connected accounts.

While there are differences behind the actual funding of debit and credit cards from the individuals perspective, they function in the same way when transacting on your account (a debit card ‘debits’ funds from an existing bank account held in your name, while the Credit card provides ‘credit’ on your account).

From the brokers perspective Credit cards and Debit cards are treated the same. You can use your card online to fund your account in the same way that you would any other purchase. Simply enter your card details and the amount that you want to credit to your account. Then simply initiate the transaction.

To help increase the security of online transactions made with cards, many payment processors make use of external Secure verification services to assist in verifying identify. In addition to these services which are provided by the banks, brokers themselves may also  require additional verification from a card holder. When first setting up your card they may require you to provide additional documentation to prove your identify or to verify the cards authenticity.

Once you have set your card up for use on your account you will find that this method provides one of the fastest and easiest ways in which to carry out our transactions.

Processing times are generally much faster than alternative payment methods. They also attract the lowest handling fees. In many instances brokers will processes withdrawal requests for free if your requested funds are deposited back to the original Credit card the deposit was made from.

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