Free Binary Options Signals

Free Binary Options Signals

Here you will find our free binary options trading signals. Our trading alerts detail what we consider to be some of the best trading opportunities to be found in the market at the time.

Latest Signals

  Free Binary Options Signal - 9th March 2015

EUR/GBP We are looking lower for the EUR/GBP into the end of the day. The EURO has come under pressure again today follow last weeks better than expected NFP figures. The GBP is holding...

Free Binary Options Signal - 3rd March 2015

GBP/USD GBPUSD is breaking down and is on the back foot against the dollar in particular. It is facing close topside resistance and is danger of breaking lower. In anticipation of further falls we...

Free Binary Options Signal - 25th February 2015

AUD/CAD The AUD looks to be gaining some traction while the Canadian dollar pulls back further on weaker oil prices. With the 20 day SMA rising above the 50 day SMA the expectation is...

Free Binary Options Signal - 26th January 2015

FTSE An historically strong week for the FTSE. A probe of the recent highs today sets up the scene for further gains this week. The Index should base around the 6830 level giving the potential...

Free Binary Options Signal - 23rd December 2014

NASDAQ We are going to stick with the seasonal theme for a final trade before Christmas and gain focus on the NASDAQ. This trade is as simple as getting in at the open of...

Free Binary Options Signal - 22nd December 2014

NASDAQ The seasonal markets often see strong gains in the last few trading days before Christmas. With market liquidity dropping and seasonal cheer about, we expect markets to push higher this week. The NASDAQ...

Free Binary Options Signal - 15th December 2014

FTSE A big fall in the FTSE last week on global growth concerns and lower oil prices. The main indices tend to rally strongly from this week into the end of the year. The...

Free Binary Options Signal - 8th December 2014

EURUSD Another EURUSD trade to sell into the end of the week. Increased speculation of QE for the Euro together with the better than expected figures from US Non Farm Payrolls have pressured the...

Free Binary Options Signal - 24th November 2014

EURUSD A big sell off on EURUSD on Friday has given the pair a broader term direction. Better German PMI figures from this morning have given a temporary boost to the Euro. However we don’t...

Free Binary Options Signal - 17th November 2014

EURUSD A bounce at the end of last week in the EUR/USD looks like we may see a period of a weaker dollar. The expectation is that the dollar sell-off will continue into this week....


Our trading approach is both considered and methodical. We are widely experienced traders with a number of years experience in financial trading. Our approach makes use of technical, statistical and fundamental analysis in order to find high probability opportunities to trade.

The signals we focus on use longer term time-frames: daily and weekly expiry times. This in order to provide a good window  of opportunity for you to get in on the signals.  The reasoning here is that there is no point in us publishing signals if no one can ever place them, right? (Other signal vendors take note!).

Our main signals which are published on a Monday morning are set to expire at the end of the week. We also publish irregular daily signals as and when we identify opportunities which we believe have a high probability of success.

Notification of Signals

Signal alerts are posted on the website with a brief explanation of our reasons for entering the position and the suggested levels to take.

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