PayPal is perhaps the preeminent e-commerce business payment solution. Most people are familiar with it. It is a truly global player that supports payment transfers around the globe.

A number of brokers now offer the facility to fund accounts with Paypal. Registration is free, carried out online and can be completed in just a few minutes.

PayPal is generally seen as being one of the best online payment processors which should allow you to transfer and receive money with the minimum of hassle. You can use it to fund your trading account with funds already deposited or alternatively to move funds from your linked account to your broker trading account.

Sending money across borders attracts a small fee. This is dependent upon where the sender and recipient are based. How the payment is funded will also be reflected in the fee that is levied. In addition transactions that are made in currencies that are foreign to the account holder will also be subject to a conversion fee. All credit card fees attract a fee of 3.3%.

Paypal provides a solid payment system with a good interface. It is secure and has a number of measures in place to help prevent fraudulent behavior. You will also find that levels of support are good with a range of contact methods on offer should you encounter any problems when using your account.

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