Binary Options Pro Signals - Update

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  • AlphaCentauri

    Hi, thanks for reviewing and/or should I say re-reviewing B.O.P.S. Seems interesting and I am thinking of trying them out. However I would like to know what your thoughts are about clkbank who handles the payments to B.O.P.S.
    - Is cancellation easy? Are they trusted? I’ve read they are not regulated.

    Anyway thanks again!

    • Abhijit

      Cancellation is pretty easy since they are on clickbank. & Regulation for signals? Are you kidding me? They are not a broker. They are just a signal service provider… I have seen nothing but positive reviews about this site…. Going to try them out soon… Happy Trading! :)

      • AlphaCentauri

        No, I was talking about Clickbank! Clickbank is not regulated. It says so on their own homepage.

  • AlphaCentauri

    Ok, I might give them a try. It’s been going a lot better for me lately so I’m not interested in paying for any signal services anymore. But free signals, does not harm to try them out =). Thanks man!

  • Yamanie

    These are still working well for me!