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Introduction to binary options trading

Introduction to Binary Options

The Binary Option, also known as a ‘digital option’, is a structured over the counter (OTC) fixed return option. It is used to speculate on the outcome of price movements in financial assets.

Placing Your Binary Options Trade

Placing Your Binary Options Trade

Binary Options offer one of the simplest ways in which to transact on financial markets. This makes them a particularly popular way for new traders to take their first steps in financial trading.

Binary Options Glossary

Glossary Of Terms

There are number of unique terms in Binary Options. The following list provides a glossary of those that you will come across when you start trading.

How Binary Options Work

How Binary Options Work

Binary options are generally traded through a dedicated online digital broker. They are an ‘over the counter’ (OTC) product whereby the deal is made directly between the trader and the broker.

Start trading binary options

Getting Started With Binary Options

The great thing about Binary Options trading is that it is easy to get started. While complicated terminology and methodology can prove off-putting with many forms of investment, entering into the world of binary...

fundamental market analysis

Basics Of Fundamental Analysis

To become competent with binary options trading you will need to be able to correctly and accurately forecast price movements. This will enable you to identify opportunities and accurately time your entries and exits...