Binary Options Pro Signals Europe and Stock Signals

There seem to be quite a few binary options signals providers on the market at present as the popularity of this form of trading steadily grows. The Binary Options Pro Signals Service is one the more established services which I reviewed previously and had some reasonable results with,  so I wanted to take a look at two newer services which are also from the same provider.

For those of you who have never used trading signals before, they provide a simple way to trade binary options. You receive an email containing the ‘signal’ when a trading opportunity is identified.  All you have to do is login to your account and act on the signal (either Call or Put) when the suggested signal level is reached. Trading really can’t be any simpler.

If you have already used the ‘core’ Pro signals service then the set up of these two new services will be familiar. The format is the same and the frequency of trading is similar. So what do these new services offer?

Well the answer here is greater diversification for your trading. This is both in terms of the timing of the signals and the range of assets that are traded.

Binary Options Signals Europe

The focus of Binary Options Signals Europe, as the name suggests, is on the European trading hours. This service is broadly similar to the core Pro signals service. The signals are for Forex and cover broadly the same currency pairs its sister service. The key difference comes in the timing of the signals which are sent during the European trading hours.

If you have read my previous Pro signals review you will recall that one of the potential problems with the service was the timing of the trade signals. For me they worked OK. This is because I am around at the time of day that the signals are sent (generally 16:00-18:00 GMT). However for many people, particularly those in European time zones, this is the time they are finishing up their day at the office or are sat in the traffic on the way home from work. As a result the service is not viable for them to trade, given the need that the signals need to be acted upon immediately so that you can get in at the levels sent.

The European signals provides essentially the same service in terms of frequency of trades, strike rate, results etc. As with the Pro Signals service it is probably best to trial the service,which you can do for just $7 for the first seven days ($97 per month thereafter).

Given the daily frequency of signals, you should be able to make a quick assessment from the trial as to the suitability of this service for your trading.

Binary Options Stock Signals

The second service I want to cover off briefly is the Binary Options Stock Signals Service. This follows the same tested format but here the focuses is instead on individual stocks. A wide range of assets are traded (principally US) and typically you will receive signals for majors such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Coca Cola etc. Most brokers cover these so you shouldn’t find too many problems trading this service with your broker.

I personally quite like this service for its focus on something other than Forex, which has been pretty volatile of late. You also receive a good amount of signals, generally 2-3 on most trading days. As with the Pro Signals service (Core and European) signals tend to be for hourly expiries so payouts are fast.

The latest results for both services are available on the respective websites, though do bear in mind that these ‘official’ results do assume that you are able to react quickly to the signals in order to get in at the suggested trading levels. It is safe to assume given the live nature of the markets that you won’t be able to completely replicate these results in your own account. Nevertheless both these services are worth a look and are reasonably priced when compared to similar services.

The Binary Stock Signals service is also available on a $7 7 day trial after which the subscription is billed at $97 per month.

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This article was written by Phil Moore an experienced trader and financial writer. He writes widely on the subject of finance and binary options trading.

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