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  • Pairs Trading

    A relatively new innovation in the arena of digital contracts is ‘Pair trading’. This offers a new perspective on binary options and helps to provide an approach to trading that is somewhat insulated from events in the wider market.

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  • Introduction to Binary Options

    Introduction to Binary Options

    The Binary Option, also known as a ‘digital option’, is a structured over the counter (OTC) fixed return option. It is used to speculate on the outcome of price movements in financial assets.

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  • Placing Your Binary Options Trade

    Placing Your Binary Options Trade

    Binary Options offer one of the simplest ways in which to transact on financial markets. This makes them a particularly popular way for new traders to take their first steps in financial trading.

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  • Glossary Of Terms

    Glossary Of Terms

    There are number of unique terms in Binary Options. The following list provides a glossary of those that you will come across when you start trading.

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  • How Binary Options Work

    How Binary Options Work

    Binary options are generally traded through a dedicated online digital broker. They are an ‘over the counter’ (OTC) product whereby the deal is made directly between the trader and the broker.

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